Thursday, 29 June 2017

VIDEO: DJ Khaled's son cries after meeting Justin Bieber

DJ Khaled's son Ashad Khaled burst into an inconsolable tears in public after meeting music sensation Justin Bieber.
Ashad Khaled who is 8-months old has a reputation of not always crying in public until he met Justin Bieber, who apparently caused the infant to burst into uncontrollable tears in public.
The video has gone viral in the social media, the incident happened on set of Justin's "I'm the One" music video, in which baby Ashad stars. 
The baby immediately burst into tears after seeing the pop star, which makes several people to jump in to console Ashad with pacifiers and stuffed animals, but it was not enough to stop Ashad from crying.
No one knows why the young executive producer "Ashad" was unhappy meeting Justin Bieber, after he has already had the pleasure of meeting Rihanna, Nas, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Ryan Seacrest, Zac Efron and other celebrities and no tears was shed.
Ashad Khaled is the executive producer in his father's new studio album "Grateful" and his picture grace the album cover.
Watch the video of below:

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