Saturday, 29 July 2017

93-year-old Zimbabwe's President said he wont step down

Robert Mugabe
Zimbabwe's 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe declared on Saturday that he is not dying after his wife  told him to name his successor due to concerns about his health .

Robers Mugabe who is the oldest president in the world had been nominated by his party, Zanu-PF part to stand for re-election next year despite his age.

The president  have been taking several medical trips to outside countries, which he have already visited Singapore three times this year for medical issues.

According to AFP, The wife of the president Mrs Mugabe said in a Zanu-PF's women's wing meeting, " President don't be afraid. Tell us who is your choice, which we should back"

Robert Mugabe address thousands of supporters at a rally in his home town of Chinhoyi about his health and his position as president.

"There is the issue that the president is going. I am not going. That the president is dying. I am not dying," Mugabe said. 

" I thank God for having lived to this day. I thank God for the good life. I have a ailment here and there but my organs, my heart and liver are very firm. Recently, doctors were actually surprised by the strength of my bones," He said.

He made his remarks after his wife urged him to name a successor in order to end the factionalism threatening to tear apart his Zanu-PF which is the ruling party.

He made it known that he followed a strict exercise routine from the years he was imprisoned during the fight against colonial rule in the 1970s.

Mugabe was on the stage speaking for more than an hour, and he now finds it difficult to walk and dozes off sometimes during meeting.

Source: AFP

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