Wednesday, 19 July 2017

APC youths group calls for Peter Okoye of P-square to be arrested

An allegedly APC youth group called the Renaissance has called for the arrest of Peter Okoye of P-square for attack on the Federal Government for banning Nigerian Musicians from producing their music videos outside the country.

The Federal Government made it known recently that Nigerian musicians are banned from producing their music abroad.

After the Federal Government announcement Peter Okoye went on to social media to blast the Federal Government for the ban.

The national secretary of the APC youth group Collins Edwin, said that the reason why Federal Government ban music production outside the country is to provide job opportunities in the entertainment industry. 

Peter Okoye has responded to the claims by the APC group that he should be arrested for disrespecting the Federal Government, his response comes in an amusing way.

The half of  P-square brothers took to his Instagam page on Tuesday to respond to the call for his arrest by posting a funny post which says:

"Abeg make him order Egusi, pounded yam and goat meat join the arrest. I know those youths will start from 70 and above. Onye ala".

Peter Okoye is not the only celebrity to have attack the Federal Governemnt for the ban on Nigerian music being produce outside the country, Rappers Ruggedman and Yung6ix have also voice out their anger. 

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