Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Former Miss Anambra Chidinma talks about how she got over her sex scandal

Chidinma Okeke who is the former Miss Anambra has reveal how she feel when she was involved in sex tape scandal.

She said it would be difficult to trust anyone after the incident of her lesbian sex tape which was trending around Nigeria.

The former Miss Anambra also thank the family that they were there for her in her most challenging period.

Chidinma became popular after winning the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant in 2015 and made major headlines some months ago after her lesbian sex tape was leaked online and gone viral.

The former Beauty queen further said the pains and stress the incident put her into had been solved and taken care of, she has continued to create a awesome career for herself in the entertainment industry.

Speaking in an interview with Channels TV, the former beauty queen said, "I was able to heal with the help of my family who encourage me not give up on my dreams which I took their advice and it works for me, and i was encouraged and feel better and stronger."

She was strip off the beauty queen title towards the end of her reign as beauty queen when a purported sex tape she had participated in was released and she became a subject of criticism.

She added that generally people should be careful of the kind of people they called friends because some friends are not real friends indeed.

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