Saturday, 29 July 2017

Kenya deputy president's home attacked by a armed machete

The home of Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto was under attacked on Saturday by a armed machete and a policeman was injured during the attack.

The Deputy President was not at home when thee incident took place, the details of the attack remain unclear, according to police the attack was carried out by one man armed with a machete but some security sources said the assault was made by many people using guns.

"There are armed people who made the attack and have shot the General Security Unit (GSU) officer and his gun was stolen" one security official said.

Kenya's police chief Joseph Boinnet said, "other security officers were mobilized and the intruder was forced to hide in an uncompleted building close to the deputy president's gate"

The spokesman of the deputy president refused to comment on the incident but the security officials said the deputy president left house to attend rallies alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta shortly before the attack.

The incident came just 10 days before the coming Kenya presidential election which will be held on 8 August with President Uhuru Kenyatta looking for a re-election against his strong opponent Raila Odinga.

Source: AFP

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