Sunday, 30 July 2017

Two people died in German nightclub after M16 shooting

Photo Credit: AFP
Two people were confirmed dead and four people injured in an attack in a nightclub in southern Germany early hours on Sunday.

A kurdish Iraqi man with armed M16 automatic rifle opened fire in the packed nightclub which caused lost of life of a bouncer and some other people seriously injured.

According to police statement, "the intruder who is 34-year-old was seriously injured as he was involved in a shootout with police officers as he left the disco, and later surrender because of his wounds and was taken to the hospital."

The Iraqi gunman who is the son-in-law of the owner of the nightclub, had been living in Germany since 1991, having obtained asylum status.

According to reports,  the man had initially left the nightclub after a dispute with an employee at the disco and he went home to pick the US-made M16 rifle which he used for the attack, he shot the bouncer at the door and sprayed the are with bullets. 

Source: AFP

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