Monday, 14 August 2017

18 people dead during restaurant attack in Burkina Faso

At least 18 people including eight foreigners were shot dead in Turkish restaurant in Burkina Faso on Sunday according to the Government.

The attackers who are believed to be jihadists, fired bullets on customers in the Aziz Istanbuk restaurant terrace before going inside the restaurant.

Meanwhile two of the attackers were killed by security forces in a counter-assault that left the street flowing with gunfire until day break, and five members of the security forces were among people wounded, Prosecutor Maiza Sereme said.

"They started shooting on the terrace. We climbed up the stairs and lay on the ground. The attackers came and pointed their guns at us," said one survivor, interviewed in hospital on national television."
"I didn't understand their language, it might have been Arabic."
According to reports, the restaurant that was attacked is 200m (220 yards) from a hotel and cafe which was targeted in 2016 that result to the dead of 30 people and 71 were injured, many of them were foreigners.

According to Prosecutor Maiza Sereme, the attackers dead were very young, and forty people were freed in the counter-assault by security forces.

"They arrived at the scene of the crime on a motorbike," she told a press conference. "Each of the terrorists was armed with an AK47. We found many cartridge clips at the scene, some of them empty and some of them still full."

Source: AFP

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