Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Joselyn Dumas said the best curves on a woman is her smiles

Ghanaian TV host and actress, Joselyn Dumas who is known for having a nice shapely hips revealed that the best curves on a woman is not the shape but the smiles.

Joselyn Dumas who is regarded as one of the women with curves in African Entertainment industry made it known through her Instagram page, which she posted a picture of herself smiling with the caption "The best curves on a woman is her smile"

Everybody seems to see her hips as a major selling point for the actress but she disclosed that smiles is the best curves ever.

The TV host and actress has a degree in Administrative Law from a University in the United States of America, before taking a career in entertainment.

She is currently the host of hit TV talk show "@ Home with Joselyn Dumas." she made her debut on Television as the host of an entertainment show called "Charter House's Rhythmz."

Joselyn Dumas post on Instagram grabs attention of many people as people taught she will say her shapely hips is the best curves a woman needs.

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