Tuesday, 8 August 2017

No amount of intimidation can stop our protest - Charlie Boy

A group of concerned Nigerians under the aegis of  "Our-Mumu-Don-Do" said that no amount of intimidation and threatening would stop them from protesting.

The group led by famous Nigerian musician Charles Oputa popularly known as Charlie Boy said on Tuesday that nobody can discourage them or intimidate any of its members on the protest.

The Special Assistant on Media and Public, Mr Ezrel Tabiowo made it known that the group will not stop the protest despite the alleged harassment of its members by the Police during its peaceful protest.

The Senate on Tuesday said that President Buhari did not violate any law by being away from the country for such a long time due to health issues.

Charlie boy, who is the leader of the group express his dissatisfaction with the president not returning to the country.

He said, "I am disappointed in this country, but let it be known that no amount of intimidation on us by security agencies will deter us from demanding explanations from government."

”They must be accountable to Nigerians because they were elected into power by us, and on the basis that they will account for their actions."

”Also, to compound the mess Nigerians are in, it is disheartening for the Senate that ought to ask questions to be the very ones supporting such show of shame. They have failed Nigerians when most needed,” Charlie Boy said.

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