Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Tonto Dikeh wrote open letter to haters

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has written an open letter to haters and talks about celebrating hate comments.

The actress said Nigerians should invest in love instead on celebrating hates comments and she also revealed that she use to be a guilty of hate comment until she realized how unfair she has been of herself by glorifying the same people and things that hurt.

She posted it on her Instagram page, she said Nigerians are so quick to reply to hate comments while ignoring the overwhelming love from thousands.

Check out what she wrote:

  • "To whom it may concern.....
    I often realise that Hate is more celebrated than Love. How you may ask???
    Good let's start with something as little as Our comment sections..We are all so quick to reply to A hate comment whilst ignoring the overwhelming love from thousands..We let horrible minded people Destroy our day with just unpleasant words. We are so quick to react to that..
    I use to be so guilty of that until I realized how unfair I have been on myself by glorifying the same people and things that hurt.."

  • "Instead of celebrating hate comments why not invest in love..The beautiful comments people who love you took time out to specially script down for you. Half the people who hate you do out of hear-say, envy, lack of love for themselves or just being simply horrible. Whilst the people who love you love you cos that's all the see when the see you(LOVE)."

  • "Hello it's time to permanently ignore the hate and stop celebrating their Devilish words aimed at bringing you down, It's time to start thanking the people who love and appreciate you..Put all that clap back power into Loving and replying the true fans/Friends/family etc.."

  • "You want to know what true happiness is? Get blind to hate, Constantly speak love into your life, Command love with everything you do and in no time your mindset will adjust to seeing only the love comments that comes your way.."

  • "I use to be so quick to dish out and serve it hot to hate but I realized I was letting them win. I was becoming a monster hence making other people see only the monster in me and ignoring all I am(AMAZING), Confirming all the horrible idea they had in their head of me.."

  • "No matter how constructive your Clapback may be, the next time you want to indulge pls ask your self what's more important, LOVE,your sanity, your reputation, your brand OR HATE???

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