Friday, 25 August 2017

Woman sue her parents, said they are responsible for her being ugly

Credit: Tori
A 44-year-old woman by name Annabelle Jefferson from California has filed a lawsuit of $2 million against her parents Robert Jefferson, 82, and Ruby Jefferson, 76 for  her 'ugly genes.'

Annabelle Jefferson said her parents are responsible for her 'unpleasant physical features' which she claims is the reason she has being divorced three times.

She also claims that her ugly look has led her to a succession of depressions and psychological troubles.

According to her, the parents are so damn ugly, that it is cruel to have had kids, that there shouldn't have been allowed to reproduce themselves.

Read her statement below:

“Both of my parents are so damn ugly, it is simply cruel to have had kids. There is no way they should have been allowed to reproduce themselves,”
“During my first divorce, my ex-husband told the judge that every morning he saw my face, he felt nauseous and often had to run to the bathroom and puke”
“My last husband was technically blind but regained 40% of his sight after a successful eye surgery. He divorced me the next week”
According to reports, she also hopes to makes the State Department to pass legislation to ban people who don't meet decent beauty or aesthetic criteria to be sterilized or restrained from giving birth so as to prevent other people from suffering the way she is suffering now.
Check out the picture of her parents:
Credit: Tori

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