Thursday, 14 September 2017

Pete Edochie express his delight as he receive his gratuity from Anambra State Governor

Credit: ABS.
Nollywood legendary actor Pete Edochie received his gratuity that the government were owing him when he previously worked with Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS).

Pete Edochie was a broadcaster who worked with the Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) before he retired in 1998 to focus on Nollywood.

The 70-year-old actor has achieved a lot in the movie industry and he is a role model to the young and upcoming actors.

Pete Edochie had the opportunity to meet his former colleagues who previosly worked together with him during his days as a broadcaster.

Anambra State governor, Willie Obiano paid their gratuities which they were owing them for quite a long time.

Pete Edochie was not the only retiree that was given gratuity as some other former Anambra Broadcasting Service broadcasters also recieved their gratuity.

Among the recipients are Mr Boniface Offokaja, former Director General of the organisation who retired in 1984.

Pete Edochie express his delight and showers praise to the Anambra State governor for his good works.

"Many of us have lost hope that we will ever receive our gratuities. Despite our meritorious service to Anambra state, successive governments chose to neglect us."

"What Governor Willie Obiano has done today is remarkable. We are praying for him because he is a compassionate governor ".

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