Saturday, 9 September 2017

Popular South South comedian celebrate birthday

Popular comedian Mpraise Isaac of Mpraise Comedy celebrate his 24th birthday today September 9, 2017 as he rock it in style.

Comedian Mpraise Isaac was born in the oil city Eket Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria where he started his comedy career before moving to Calabar.

He is the first child in the family of three, he has many comedy skits to his name one which is "The Stammerer" which was shot in Calabar. 

Mpraise is a stand-up comedian who is also a singer who is very good in delivering hooks and chorus.

Mpraise made known his vision in the entertainment industry and how he will help the upcoming entertainers to discover and make use of their talent.

He was speaking to one of the editors of Katumu Adasi's Blog, "My vision in the entertainment industry is to influence life positively and make people know that they were created for a purpose and to help others discover their talent."

You can follow Mpraise on Instagram @mpraiseluv, facebook @ Mpraise Isaac.

Watch Mpraise comedy skits on Youtube through his Youtube channel @mpraise&diwa ent.


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