Friday, 3 November 2017

Daddy Freeze reveals why he is after pastors preaching prosperity in Nigeria

Nigerian radio host and presenter Ifedayo Olarinde popularly known as Daddy Freeze has revealed why he is after prosperity pastors.

Freeze was speaking in recent interview with SAharaTV where he discussed why he is after prosperity preaching pastors in Nigeria.

Daddy Freeze is who is the convener of the Freesheepie movement stated out his reasons for starting the movement  which is aimed at helping Christians who are entrapped by the deceptive gospel of prosperity preaching pastors to free themselves.

He also reveal why his movement is against Tithing and  the wrong practices going on in churches led by Pentecostal Pastors who are fleeting their congregants in Nigeria.

He named some Pastors who he said collected tithes that were used to build schools that their members could not afford to send their kids and wards to and said he goes after these pastors who own private jets at the expense of their poor members.

Asked why he doesn’t preach against Muslim clerics and politicians with the same passion, he said that he is not too knowledgeable about Islamic doctrines but was quick to say he hasn’t seen a Muslim cleric with a private jet, regardless of the size of their congregation.

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