Monday, 6 November 2017

I can't act nude for N5 million - Actress Anita Joseph

Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph disclosed in an interview that she will not accept N5 million to act nude.

The actress was speaking in an interview with The Entertainer where she said N5 million is too small to act nude.

She also talked about becoming born again and her fake pregnancy that got her dragged by angry fans.

Read the interview below:

I learnt that you have ‘repented’ and no longer flaunt your cleavages anyhow, how true is that?
I repented long time ago. I wear what’s proper now. I wear whatever suits me and makes me comfortable.

You were mocked sometime ago for ‘claiming’ your friend’s pregnancy, how did that make you feel?
That wasn’t mockery; it was my pregnancy too. I was part of the plan for the scriptures to be fulfilled.

Do you feel bad that you’re not a mother yet?
(Laughs) Feel bad about what?

What’s your kind of man?
My kind of man must be spirit-filled. He must be a man that fears Jehovah God. There’s nothing more attractive to me than a man that loves God. He must make me laugh. He must possess a good sense of humour. He must also be a power dresser and smell good.

I know you can be very daring; can you act nude for like N5 million?
Are you trying to insult me right now? Are you well at all? Don’t put that sh-t in my interview. At least call better money, I will reject that (N5 million).

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