Saturday, 27 January 2018

‘My songs last longer than your parents marriage’ -Skales blasts follower

Nigerian singer, Skales, who was trolled on by a follower, had an epic reply for the follower who dragged him into an exchange of words.

His follower @ceoguts wrote in the comment section of a photo he shared;

‘Yur dress sense is weak…yur songs never last more than 2 weeks’.

Skales Reply:

‘@ceoguts ur fada forgot to use condom and shrek looks way finer than you and ur life sucks obviously I’m in a suite paid for rightnow and ur ass is worried about my songs that last longer than ur mum and dad relationship cz u obviously lack home training cz u ain’t got a home 😁😁 clap for yourself u got one now’

Skales who was also accused of copying Olamide told  Sunday Scoop in an interview:

“Because artistes inspire each other, I will never go against anyone who says I copied Olamide. He has always motivated me. I recently told the story of how he paid for my music video.

 He also told me that I have inspired him in so many ways. But he was not the first person to shoot a street video. Before I even released the video, we had a conversation about it.

“I didn’t try to copy anyone; it was just an inspiration. Next year, I plan to do more music that is relatable to the people on the streets because, at the end of the day, they are the people we do music for,” he added.

See the screenshot of the post below:
'My songs last longer than your parents marriage' -Skales blasts follower lailasnews 1
'My songs last longer than your parents marriage' -Skales blasts follower lailasnews 2

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