Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Nigerian movie director Oboloprince GLS calls for peace to reign in Andoni/Obolo this 2018 (Video)

Nigerian movie and music video director, Oboloprince GLS has called for peace in the Andoni/Obolo land.

He made the call through a YouTube video, which he appeal for peace to reign and they should stop the killings the area.

Read what he said about the video:

"This video was as a result of the shocking report I got on the 1 of January 2018. while others are busy celebrating the new year, some choose to hunt and to kill our brothers in Unyeada. My brothers and friends from Andoni."

"Pls lets stop the killing of one another and call for peace to reign in our communities. I'm greatly concerned about this problem because I have seen what it will cause in the nearest future, peace is what we want now, enough of the killing."

Watch the video below:

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